Effluent Pretreatment System

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This project consisted of the design and fabrication of a control system for batch treatment processing of industrial manufacturing waste. Designed for a pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel tank manufacturer, the system performs automated processes to chemically treat manufacturing waste. Batch treatments can be customized by the operator on the HMI to control that numerous automated pneumatic valves, tank mixers, process pumping, and chemical dosing.

Our scope included electrical and control engineering, fabrication of the system control panel, PLC programming and HMI software development.


Location: Syracuse, NY

Process Water Recycle System

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Our team designed multiple industrial control panels, developed PLC programming and HMI graphics for waste water recycle systems. The system included Reverse Osmosis, Micro-Filtration, and Multi-Layer Filtering processes used to treat process rinse water from various metal finishing production lines. Existing waste treatment systems were also integrated into the multiple operator interface terminals to allow for centralized control and monitoring across the facility.

Interfacing with the facilities corporate IT network was also implemented to allow for management level monitoring and performance data evaluation. SMS and email notifications of process alarms are available to the operators based on their individual shift schedules.

Our team was involved from the conceptual stage of process and instrumentation diagrams to the final commissioning of the system at the customer’s facility.


Date of Construction: 2019

Location: Batavia, New York

Municipal Water Treatment Plant

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Our team was tasked with designing control systems, HMI interfaces and a central SCADA system for several processes across a municipal water treatment plant. The project led to a network of integrated systems comprised of multiple remote cellular sites, fully automated redundant filtration stations and overall plant monitoring and control.

The installation of our systems removed several manual procedures and allowed for remote monitoring, automated monthly reporting and SMS text messaging alerts for any critical alarms.


Location: Williamson, NY


Pursulfate and Peracetic Acid Plant

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This project consisted of the design and fabrication of a control system for a chemical production facility in Tonawanda, New York. The system treated waste water used in the production process of pursulfate and peracetic acid. Our scope of service consisted of the electrical and control engineering, PLC software development and SCADA system development.

The system consisted of a main control panel including a PLC based processor and two 15” graphical interface terminals for operator control of the system in the process area. The system also included an operator workstation in the plant office with both control and report generation.


Location: Tonawanda, NY


Storm Water Treatment Plant

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Designed the automated control system for a storm water treatment plant. The treatment system was designed for storm water runoff flow rates of 600 GPM, and removes PCB’s from the water before discharging. The process included equalization, pH adjusts and coagulation treatment, inclined plate clarifier, filter press, and final filtration.

Controls included a PLC based processor with the required analog and digital I/O for the system devices and instrumentation. A color operator interface terminal with custom graphics was designed for operator control. The terminal provides the operator monitoring of tank levels, pump control and alarm status. The PLC and Operator Interface terminal communicate via an Ethernet backbone which allows remote data acquisition and off-site system monitoring.

The system also includes telemetry communication for monitoring and control of a remote pump station. Our scope included providing all aspects of the automated control system for this project, including the PLC software design, operator terminal graphics, control panel fabrication, instrumentation, and system start-up support.


Location: Syracuse, NY


Process Water Treatment Expansion

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With increased production requirements the process rinse water and waste water treatment system were in need of additional capacity and redundancy. The existing PLC and motor control capability was at maximum capacity. In order to meet the requirements of the new system and maintain minimum installation downtime, a new main control panel was designed and fabricated. The panel was designed to house the new PLC, a module motor starter bus system and variable frequency drives for flow rate control of various pumps.

In order to communicate to the existing devices, distributed ethernet-based I/O was installed in remote control panels. The existing graphical operator interface was modified for the system expansion. Our scope included providing the process control design, software and graphics development, custom manufactured control panel and engineering support during the transition to the new system. An ethernet connection is also in place for off site support.


Location: San Jose, Costa Rica